By Mel Sarnese

Sometimes I wonder why we come
Do and die
Such a short stay
And for some....shorter
Bread only partly kneaded
Not enough rising time taken
Yeast germs way past shelf-life
Bread so stunted
And oh .... so hard
Fancy-grained variety
And the many herbs of Provence
Never counted ...
In their special breads
Heavily diluted
With oceans of salt water
Bloating until germ bubbles burst

by Mel Sarnese

Oh how I long for all things my way
I would ride tall white horses
Travel far
With bouncing breasts
Long hair English Ivy
Lady Godiva instructed me
Nipples exposed, shamelessly
Stiff and proud
In chafing winds
Where I bear a crack
And paint them black
While riding bareback
I gallop...baret firmly planted
I ride while grinding paints my way
Precious blue lapis
I save for last
My canvas tells tales
Blue and purple showers
From golden prairie skies
Spraying over fields of lollipop
Sweetened with hues of rainbow
I try to pick for you
Every flavour I honour
Orgy of colour
As taste buds dance, In
A splatter of romance
Risking a chance
Tall horse riding

Mel is a published poet-writer who resides in Markham, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto. Her poetry has been published in several anthologies and broadcast on CBC RADIO and TVO.
Mel writes short story fiction and has written articles on various topics for Canadian journals.
A manuscript for a book of poetry has been submitted, where she dreams of having her collected works published in book form.
On her spare time, Mel enjoys cooking, working out, reading and acting in community theatre.

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