Rob Hood says:   I have a strong belief in G-d! However, I'm not sure my beliefs are akin to most of my brethern.
I believe in reincarnation and eternal life but I believe that life as many see it is a delusion.
These couple of poems that I wrote show you where my thinking is going.

Rob is a member of the YAHOO group, ExOrthodoxJews.

Life's an illusion

Life's an illusion the old man said
The children we raise are just
newer living dead
All the toil and the strife
are just a part of our afterlife
Some of us think that we are good
and to be in heaven
is where we should
but we just haven't passed the test
because we're still here with all the rest
Evil flourishes and is supreme
The religion of peace is quite mean
Better people are trapped in between
when events quite horrible is the scene
Most of us are unaware
To believe this is life
is a snare
When I die, I'll be right back
in another body
down another track
I am not worried about
when I die
To think I'm now alive
would be a lie.
You may think me mad
or at least quite sick
Lest your cocoon
I might prick

The street Where You Live

I have often trod down this street before
and my feet are bloody when I get to
your door
I often wonder what I do this for
as I wander through the minefield
to your house
People collapse and die
that don't bother me
For there's nowhere else on earth
that I would rather be
My therapist wonders
when I'll see
it's not safe on the street
where you live
And oh the towering feeling
when my friends blow up
before my eyes
yes it's a towering feeling
that no sadist or masochist
can disguise
They have pulled me out
to my great disdain
Has my love for you
been all in vain?
So as time flies by
They won't care if I
can't be there on the street
where you live.

Plodding along

When I was born
I continued my quest
to go down the
right path
and finally pass the test
but I doubt that
I will ever come
to a stop
to reach Nirvana
and get to the top
I may need
to forever travel
to fall off my bike
into the gravel
to get up
and start anew
looking about
may just have to do
some may say
that life has a purpose
and if you think really hard
a reason will surface
but I have been unable
to think of that reason
and to me each life
is but a season
in the nonending
years in which we dwell
we try to keep
things interesting
so life's not a hell
when I die
I will return
in another body
to continue my sojourn
I plod along
to each of life's beats
along the pavement
and down the streets

Noah's Ark

There is a new version of Noah's Ark
It seems till now
we've all been kept in the dark
The passengers included
dinosaurs of every kind
It seems old Noah
hid them away
thinking out of sight
out of mind
It is claimed that The
Grand Canyon got eroded
during the few days that
the great ark floated
This may a revolution
from the folks who
brought us evolution
The data's all out
there by ducky
in a state
that's called Kentucky

The World Deserves Them

F**k them all!
F**k them all!
The big and the short  and the tall
The world deserves the Muslims
They're just other goys
Who want to destroy the west
And all of it's joys!

United we stand

I don't care if you're gay or straight.
Your life on earth should
just be great!
All in the world should celebrate!
We should enjoy our lives
and forget to hate!
We should all find ways
to get along!
If we are united
we will be strong!
If anyone goes after
our weakest link
we should stand up
for justice
and never shrink!
If anyone tries to destroy us whole
we should beat them badly.
Let that be our goal!
Any time we are attacked
we should retaliate double.
Following such a dictum
will keep us well
out of trouble!
The world can be our oyster
if we are one.
If we unite
we can't be undone!
All others will respect
or fear.
We will keep our friends close
and our enemies near.

The Afterlife

The world is too much for me
was my sound
The day I shot myself
and laid my body down
I now wander in a world
where there is no repence
And people are evil
in every sense
I am tortured
and I am hurt
What I did in my past life
caused this dirt
There is no heaven
There is no hell
You either die forever
or forever dwell


Great people may exist
just beneath your nose
Ancient cemetaries
where their bodies decompose
uprooted to build roads
or merely covered over
may be their fate
Things unexpected
await us when
we can no longer choose
where we are
win or lose

To Israel with Love Rob Hood

The terrorists want death and love to die
So killing innocent makes them high
They want your end
There will never be
A treaty they won´t bend
They want you to cease
If you come to an end
There will be peace
They don´t simply hate
They seek to annihilate

You must forever stand and fight
Never give in to any fright
You need to wipe them out
That is simply what it´s all about
So dispatch them all straight to hell
Not to where their Imams try to sell

Only when you are truly strong
To the world of nations you´ll belong
This is the time to do something untoward
Drop the plowshares and lift the sword

They didn´t respect you when you were sweet and nice
They had their chance, now they need to pay the price
Don´t listen to those who say to quit
Continue the fight with all of your wit
If others say “quit or I won´t be your friend’
Ignore them and in the end
They´ll come to you on bended knee
Needing your help, because you´ll be free

ExOrthodoxJews is a YAHOO discussion group for former members of the Jewish fundamentalist religious experience. You don't have to be Jewish to join but you should be familiar with the major ideas and practices of Judeo-Christian biblical religion.

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