Candido Rosario is a native New Yorker and a talented actor, writer, and poet.
He is a core member of Shlomoh's cable TV show, THE TONY AND SHLOMOH SHOW.
His bio can be found at the show's website at the following url.


Here I am it's Friday night
10/17/96 to be precise.

93 Camry sitting on chrome wheels
driving through Bushwick-base is all you feel.
Caught at a red light-Palmetto & Evergreen
dead block in the ghetto-bout to turn crime scene.
Two cars in front prevent the getaway
punk motherfucker just made my day.
Nine millimeter what a pretty piece of steel
shining just as much as the Camry's chrome wheels.
Waving it in my face saying"nigga give me yours"
looked him in the eye-time had suddenly paused.
As he opened the door-I lunged for the gun
don't ask me why-must have been reaction.


oh shit I'm hit
nigger took off before a second could split.
Jumped back into the car-blood gushing from the wound
Long Island College Hospital had to make it there soon.

Driving up one ways eating lights left and right
gun shot to the belly-for my life I'm bout to fight.
Made it to the E.R. parked my car with the club
walked right pass triage-Dr. Raymond eating grub.


Oh my God! What happened?
120 cc's of something he said stat-and
Nurses running round from everywhere
catheters in my groin and they shaved my hair.
Laying in trauma-shine a light in my eye
I hope that isn't the light people talk about when they die.
Anesthesia kicking in I could feel it in my soul
bullet went in and out and left two holes.
Scarred for life all over a car
Picked him out of a lineup now he behind bars.

About a year after feeling a little better
in the mailbox there was this letter.
The District Attorney writing to me
letting me know the perp been released.
I called to confirm how could this be?
"He turned states evidence snitched on homey"
Just goes to show you no matter what you do
you could commit a crime as long as you come through.
With a name and a place of someone to turn in
hate to admit it but that's the system working!


Marijuana legal or illegal?
as American as the Bald Eagle.
One flies high, the other takes you higher
bird is extinct, trees you can't retire.
It comes from the earth so why call it drugs
Doctors prescribe to cataract thugs.
While some may say this is a gateway link
now I'm confused cause it's legal to drink.
There is no law bout driving while blunted
even the President was confronted.
Trees are not processed like medication
it's another form of vegetation.
Used to treat everything from asthmatics,
to calming your nerves after some static.
Oh! But it lowers your sperm count
to reconcile you smoke a less amount.
It boosts your appetite eating all night
it kills your memory, forgot that right?
Police try and try to minimize crime
but on my block there's four spots in a line.
Maybe they should consider taxing them
you'll see the demise of this growing trend.
But until then be like the Indians
pull out your pipe and make a new friend.


They say that it pays to be nice to one another
Patience is a virtue; treat all woman like your mother.
Respect your elders - speak when spoken too
Your never too old to learn a trick or two.

It's a shame so I'll refrain from saying any names
But life's many games have not taught me the same
Yet still I remain to maintain keep my sane
Stabbed in the back and it's hard to explain

Even at the workplace where hypocrisy is king
Smiles up in your face, behind your back they be talking.
Jealousy's sting brings the beast from within
To envy the things I've achieved from working

Can you identify or does a bell ring?
Everyone's entitled to thier own opinion.
This one is mine told right from the front line
When someone says "good morning" watch out that's a sign!


Poetry is therapy,
The language of the mind
Taught me to talk,
To pursue it I'm inclined.
Assorted thoughts now on paper
Writing from beyond
To pull this last caper
I'll need a magic wand.
Shall I use blue? Nah I like black better
Bic ink in the printer as I type the first letter.
Haiku, Sonnets, Sestinas and Skeltonics
Form after form
I was drawn and hooked on phonics
Came to my own conclusions
Illusions caused confusion.
Graphed a rough draft
Would they pass or just refuse them?


The phone rings you pick up and greet
On the other end you'll befriend- but never meet
One who has to face the ugly mask of defeat
Victory coming from telling one why they wanna kill themselves this week .
Establish a rapport - steady digging more and more
To the core of the call you determine true or false.
Is this time for real - or is it time they trying to steal
You can't help but feel to keep this person out the morgue.
But how do you respond to a man who's raging on
50 years with one woman came home with aids, gave it to her - now she's gone
I know I've done wrong was his song for so long -
I tried to interrupt but he just kept on...
He know he's next to go
Although he wishes it wasn't so slow
He misses his misses of 50 years
And he's feeling terrible.
You try to get a word in - let him know he's not alone
Soon you are confronted - just you and a dial tone.
The phone rings...

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