Shlomo Leib lives in Detroit. Raised in Brooklyn NYC, he received an Orthodox/Chasidic Jewish education. He attended college, earning two relatively useless post graduate degrees. He became nonreligious at age 29 ,and found 'piece' of mind. He says, "I am often saddened by humanity's lack of foresight." His blogsite can be found at

He is also a member of the YAHOO group, ExOrthodoxJews.

Alive And Thinking
Posted on ExOrthodoxJews@YahooGroups.Com on Wednesday, October 31, 2007

There once was kid from Crown Heights
Who stayed up reading most nights
His faith hadn't faltered
But curiosity altered
His notion of the wrongs and the rights
With strange books they caught him
So quickly they sought him
Devices to thwart his desire
But try as they may
There just was no way
To extinguish that free-thinking fire
The heavier the chain
So much greater the strain
On the hopes and the dreams he had planned
Until all that mattered
That these bonds be shattered
For the man who yearned to expand
So he pursued that truth
Discovered in youth
Escaping from all that he knew
Becoming free
Isn't that easy you see
When you're raised as an Orthodox Jew
Sometimes he reflects
On that life he rejects
While fumbling through thoughts in his head
Yet he continues to strive
Feeling much more alive
Than those who consider him dead.

(Shlomo Leib)

Hillary, Hillary
Posted on his blog on Monday, August 27, 2007

Hillary! Hillary! Run for Prez!
Do just what the man on Wall St. says
Maintain, hold fast to the status quo
Or to the Oval Office you'll never go

Kiss some ass at Goldman Sachs
Shake all the hands at Pfizer
When on WalMart´s board
You were truly whored
And most were none the wiser

The health care talk that you began
During your husband´s reign
Now not a peep
Were you bought off cheap
By the big insurers again?

Go ahead and support that war
Of which you claim others deceived you
And that vote for wiretapping
Was just you slapping
The faces of those who dared believe you

Don´t tell us how you understand
Plights and pains of the working man
You forgot about us long before
You ever hit the Senate floor

You´re labeled as a real Democrat
But few of us are fooled by that
So go home now and wash that tush
‘Cuz to me you smell like rotten Bush!

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