By The Prophecyy

Ed note: This poem was written by The Prophecyy to honor the memory of a little girl who was brutally murdered by her parents in New York City in January, 2006. Before they killed her, they subjected her to years of abuse. This case outraged the people of New York City because the feeling among many is that Social Services could have prevented this death.

           To Little Nixzary Brown

I never knew you
 I only knew about you
From the tragic headlines and articles
 That I read in the newspaper
But here I am crying
Sadden by the fact
That your life was ended short
Sad because when I look at you
   I see my nieces
You were a little girl
   That wasn´t dealt
A fair hand in Life
We Both Live in Bedford-Stuyvesant
     Or should I say lived in Bedstuy
     The reality that you´re no longer with us
You were a jewel
      So a picture of you remains in my heart
You´ll never be forgotten
You´ll live through people´s memories
      As the little girl
That will finally cause change
      Knowing that the spot light is on children services
How could you let the complaints go by?
      So I´m blaming her death on you
Children represent innocence
       A innocence that we seemly forget as we get older
       Caught up in the web of time
Not taking the time to stop
       And look around at what we´ve become
The reality that are lives is nothing more then a series of mistakes
       And my biggest mistake
Is that I never knew you
       So somehow I see your face
In every child that I see
       Or when I´m spending time with my nieces
I´ll never forget you Nixary Brown
        You have affected my life
In more ways then one
         So to everyone that reads this poem
Remember to cherish the moments that we make
          Hoping that this city will finally learn from its mistakes
          And to Nixzary Brown

                       WE ALL LOVE YOU
NYC  2006

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