Trish Shields is the parent of three children – two girls and a boy. She has a background in Fine Arts at the Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario, and studied creative writing under Matt Hughes, Canadian author of ‘Fools Errant’, and ‘Fool Me Twice’. Her first book of poetry, ‘Soul Speak’, was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award. Trish has poetry and short stories published in Canada and the US. Her first novel, Inferno, was published in 2003. Trish grew up in Europe and has traveled the United States and Canada extensively. She currently resides with her partner and children on Vancouver Island.

"Just a" was published in 2001, and is from my book Soul

Just a...

just a little kiss
for the true love of my life
just a little hug
for my dear intended wife
just a little love
all sparkled up for her
with sweet emotions
that prove to be life's cure
just a little look
that means oh so much more
and then a quick cuddle
to show her what's in store
wrapped in just three words
that fly by like a breeze
come tripping off my tongue
whispered, 'separate cheques, please'

©Trish Shields

©Trish Shields

Fahrenheit 911

caught in a moment
when the wicked that men do
fuse     dissolve     for naught

©Trish Shields

©Trish Shields

body and soul

I am a roil of emotions
a book with no ending
that changes
with every page read

she blisters me
empowering me to heights
and depths
to char my soul

I am Icarus
his remains billowing upward
lofty wings does he inspire

touching love so pure
has made me blind
enriching every other sense

fields of poppies
waving red within my mind
forever sear her name
on every exhale

her soul is me

©Trish Shields

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