by Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg

RABBI SHEILA PELTZ WEINBERG served as a congregational rabbi for seventeen years.  She has also worked in the fields of Jewish community relations, Jewish education and Hillel. She has published widely on such topics as feminism, spiritual direction, parenting, social justice and mindfulness from a Jewish perspective and has contributed commentaries to KOL HANESHAMA, the Reconstructionist prayer book. She is the author of SURPRISINGLY HAPPY: AN ATYPICAL RELIGIOUS MEMOIR, and has released the CD, PREPARING THE HEART: MEDITATIONS FOR JEWISH SPIRITUAL PRACTICE.   Rabbi Weinberg teaches mindfulness meditation to rabbis, Jewish professionals and lay people and serves as faculty for IJS programs. She is creator and co-leader of the JEWISH MINDFULNESS TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM.

'Dear God,
We are bound with very tight knots.
They choke off air and stop the blood
from pulsating freely.
The knots make us like computers with
carefully controlled circuitry.
The knots in our brains tie our creativity-
our link to You.
We follow the knot around in its intricacy-
but it remains a knot.
The knots in our hearts keep us from
crying and dancing when we long to-
They tie us to the posts of the fences
that seperate us from each other.
The knots in our muscles keep our teeth clenched,
our jaws locked, our legs crossed, our shoulders
stooped, our backs bent, our chests from
inhaling and exhaling the full sweetness
of life's breath.
O, God, untie all our knots!'

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