Sunday, July 21, 2002

Pour your love into the one who is before you
each moment, every moment -- in your loving is your goodness
from the listening comes the deepening understanding.
Reject nothing; embrace all:
before you, each moment is this divine poem into flesh
all the flesh of the earth, sticks & stones & bush & burdock
and stick-picks, cat-flesh and ant-flesh and moth-flesh...

Eternity reveals Her constant Face behind all the Veils of seeming
...enter the Dreaming...

Your thoughts are a memetic projectile aimed at the Future
your Seeds are genetic projectiles into the Womb of Forever
you *impregnate* Tomorrow...

Transdimensional lines are converging
benignities coalescing, luminescing
joy-laughter joining the forever after...

The Outward Garment of the luminous Bride of Infinity
is withdrawn, o radiant divinity numinescing the metamorphosis of

Sunday July 21, 2002

To bless with your goodness
o wonder of wonders
o glory of glories
to be coming unto the essence of immortality!

halo of glory, surrounding you
from the radiant core
of your divine beneficience
bless us
with the deeper significance
of growth
with the wisdom of the ages

when we enter your very heartbeat,
bride of eternity,
we feel aware & awakened as never before
in the everness --
adoring you.

entering the pulse of your divine heartbeat
these are the fibres that bind us
radiant energy flux in the radiant core

you are the systole that sustains
the diastole that metamorphosizes

water of wisdom...
cool and easing...
sweet and satisfying...

flow, wisdom, flow...

let me fill
my very life*cup
at your wellsprings..

let me drink forever
of your wisdom...

~~Wynn Manners

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