I sit here on my island
Surrounded by structures of cold steel
While cold winds blow
And cold people hurry along their way
Oblivious to me, and to my aching.
My eyes are turned westward
As is my heart ...
To a warmer clime
Where there is a woman soft and warm
Whom I wish to embrace.
Oh they say that the sun rises in the east
But my source of light and heat is elsewhere.
Oh look upon me most preceious beloved
And shine the light of your love upon me.
Oh warm me with your words
So that I may find comfort in you.
Wishing for your kisses and embraces
To give me that most blessed heat which I now require.
Oh chase the cold away.
Lie in my bossom.
Hold me and caress me
So that I may feel your actuality,
The very essence of your being.
Oh how much I want you, need you, hunger for you.
You - have made me love you
Even as you say
I have made you love me.
Consume me, devour me with your loving.
I give myself to you gladly, most willingly.
Oh gracious Grace - you are
A pool of cool crystal clear water,
And King Solomon is so thirsty.
Oh bid me drink of your love
Till Iam slaked,
And I shall return every measure of love to you
In gratitude.
I am here - and I am very close to you,
Touching you with my fingers
And with my lips.
I take you to me
Into my embrace
Hold you close to my heart
Caress you - kiss you
Till I am driven mad with passion!
Never wishing to let you go!
Never never!
In my embrace
With every fiber of my being
I make you mine!
And I am am yours,
For the asking
For the taking
For whatever your sweet heart may wish.
Today and tomorrow
And the day after
And for time without end,
If only you say,
That you want me and need me.

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