Some thoughts on us ...

This is the beginning.
We stand on a threshold
And look out upon a landscape,
The contours of which are vague.
A forrest clothed in green
Which is the color of hope.
Yet its essential form remains undefined,
Draped by a mist of unknowing.
We can only peer;
Not see clearly,
Distant horizions,
The boundaries of our loving
Which we cannot yet touch;
Which we cannot yet know.
But what is here before those boundaries?
These trees!
These birds!
These flowers!
Are here for us NOW!
To touch - as we touch each other,
To know - as we know each other,
As only lovers may touch and know.
And in that touching,
And in that knowledge,
Happiness! Contentment! Sweetness!
We sigh,
And as we do,
The aromas and colors of our forrest
Flood our senses.
In that flooding of the heart and soul,
Submerged in each other's flesh,
We smile;
We are brave;
We dare - to love one another.
I offer you my heart.
Give me your hand,
And walk with me
Through the lushness of our forrest.
That walk shall be
Passionate yet tender.
I offer you my hand.
Give me your heart,
And speak gentle, loving words to me
As we embrace!

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