It is written
It is more blessed to give than to receive,
And so I have given.
But how have I been blest?
For I was hungry
And you snatched away my crumbs.
I was thirsty
And you cast me into a dessert.
I was naked
And you stripped me of the few rags I possessed.
In as much as you have done this to me,
So have you done it to all my sisters and brothers.
I called to you,
And you were silent.
Now let my own silence
Deafen you!!!
You were silent unto my supplication in the wilderness
Yet your voice thundered in the cities.
It was seen
Like the voice of G-d Almighty from Sinai.
It was heard
Like the voice of the L--d of Hosts out of the whirlwind,
A whirlwind of YOUR creation.
It is more blessed to give,
And I have not received that which I asked of you.
For I asked for calm,
And I have received a storm.
You have sown the lightning and the thunder.
Now reap the wind and the rain!

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