You and I - together - together - together!
Naked in innocence.
We approach - smiling.
I take your hands in mine and kiss them,
the palms and the fingers.
I lift them to my face and place them on my lips and on my face.
And .. you will carress my face with love, and my neck
and my ears.
Then kiss my eyes, my nose, and at last ..
your lips against
my lips
and must beg yu to open to me
so that my lips and tongue may say "I
love you"
to your own lips and tongue.
Can you feel them
even now as they
lick and kiss in gratitude?
Oh take my breath into your mouth as I take
yours into mine.
I know your heart beats fast as does my own.
Oh darling -
listen to my poor words -
There is a man inside me.
This Shlomoh wishes to touch the Grace inside you
But he cannot.
So he must use this body to touch yours.
Then she will know his love.
The man inside of me says I adore you
To the woman inside of you.
That Grace that the inner Shlo cannot touch.
Now I touch you with my words
Which are all that is left of my love for you.
Touch now my neck in sweet caresses
As I take you into my lover's embrace.
Feel now my arms aching to encircle your waist.
Aching I come to you and hold you,
My hands carressing your back, your buttocks,
Your shoulders and your arms.
I am suffacating - thinking of it - I cannot breathe.
You control my breath, my heart.
I pull you close to me,
Feeling the incredible wonderment against me.
Yes, I stiffen with desire.
My mouth finds your sweet throat - to kiss kiss kiss.
Hold me. Love me.
Your chest - my fingers and lips - love you.
Now, I do know
That beneath your woman's breasts beats your heart,
A heart - you say - filled with love and passion
For me!
So now if I gently caress your sweet nipples,
Taking them to my mouth - then -
I may suck from them the love,
All the love radiating from your heart.
You will hold me, hold me as I wish you to,
Because I love you,
And your embrace
Will show me your love.
Your arms around me while I nurse at your breasts.
Do you know how much a man may love a woman? Do you?
Oh my darling,
the depth of that love is terrible and wonderfull.
The power in it is incredible.
They say that we are the stronger gender and you the weaker.
Oh that is ludicrous.
Your woman's strength is so powerfull
That even
though your body is softer than mine,
It can completely dominate me
If I know that you do love me.
So I wish you to be my goddess,
And I your priest.
Then I say to you that I will enter your temple and worship you -
Worship you worship you, my sweet goddess.
How then?
Tears from my eyes on your skin.
They roll down your precious breasts and my mouth follows them
Down your belly till they rest between your thighs.
Open to me - open!
And let me show you the depth of my love for you.
For there -
In that
happy place between your open thighs -
There where all men are born
And there where we return in love -
Shall I worship you.
I lay you down,
Your legs around my back.
Now let me love you forever.
My fingers shall be the
keys to unlock the soft labia -
Yes - but they are only keys.
Now - I
shall show you paradise -
Not because I am a consumate lover
But because it is the way I know
To adore you and worship you.
Then open open.
So my lips -
So my tongue -
To kiss and suck and lick -
Tears in my eyes -
Tears - my tongue inside -
Where it gives you joy -
Touching the tongue inside you.
Holding your buttocks tightly
So that I may devour you
In passion -
In sweetness -
In madness!!!
Grace, can you feel it?
Can you?
How much i love you?
My tongue and lips
Shall do their holy work
Until you moan and scream
With happiness, and you are satisfied.
Then I shall take your trembling body into my arms
And hold you
And caress you
And kiss you
Never tiring
Of telliing you how much I love you.
I do not know what happens next,
Not sure,
Because I cannot read your thoughts
But, we
Will certainly join our bodies in loving then.
Open to me again.
This time, receive my manhood,
Thick and hard,
Bulging and throbbing
With love for you.
Hold me tight as I hold you.
So I enter you,
Thrusting softly and slowly.
Weeping and swearing to you my devotion.
There is nothing else.
The universe recedes.
Nothing exists but you.
You ARE the universe.
Tighten the muscles of your vagina around me.
Your arms and legs too.
So shall I tell you what now I do.
Fuck you with my love,
Yes, I shall
Fuck all of my love to you -
Deep into you.
Receive it because
When the universe returns -
You can no longer receive it.
Take it then now - deep deep -
Oh pull me in so I am locked into you.
Those moments shall be our eternity.
Somewhere, in another life, in another time,
You and I - forever
Locked like this -
Together -
All the fantasies
Will come to mind
At that moment,
The walks, the park, the sea and shore, sky and mountains,
Oh children that we might have had together,
Laughter and tears of a lifetime
As man and wife.
Oh I weep now as ever for you -
For me -
For us!
So tell me,
Do you take me deep inside in this holy fucking?
Do you?
I cannot let go - ever.
When we have both loved to completion, then?
The world returns.
I look at you lying on my bed -
Your face, your body, your soul.
It has ended
But it can NEVER end for us - NEVER!
Is that not so my lady love?
King Solomon remains at your side
Just as he is now.
Oh these words and thoughts and pictures
Are incomplete and poor.
But they shall suffice
To tell you what is in my heart
And in my head
Because of you.
Lie here in my arms forever.

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