This is the autumn of my loving,
For I am near to autumn in my life
When life shall turn to golden brown
And my love will blossom in the day
Before the twilight.
Oh will you not share this autumn love with me?
Will you not come to me with open arms
To hold me close this afternoon?
To let me feel those caresses which speak more love than words can do?
Will you not give your lips to one who knows indeed how to love?
It is your embrace I desire.
Within your arms, close to your woman's bossom
I desire to lay.
Your loving shall make the world recede
All sounds ... all sights ... all sensations ...
As NOTHING compared to the sound of your loving me
                       the sight of your face close to mine
                       the sensations of us together, passionately!
But when our loving has erupted into joyous fulfillment
And we two, laughing and crying, in the sight of only G-d
Who knows of our loving - Who has sent me you ...
Then shall the world return to us in all its majesty;
We shall feel and know it again - most WONDERFULLY - as lovers do!
Then shall autumn be to me - as warm as youthfull spring.
Holding you close, I am young forever.
The leaves fall, yet I hear the sound of birds singing ...
And I am yours eternally.

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