You said to me
That you felt butterflies
Deep inside you,
But it is no longer before.
It is very much now!
And I am the one who feels them now,
Sweet flutterings of the possibility
Of romance and love,
Deep inside me.
The park in autumn
As only our autumn can be
Here in our city
Made me think of autumns past
And springs and summers gone
That can never be recalled.
And I thought,
Where have all my butterflies gone?
Those butterflies that painted the springs and summers of my youth
With their marvelous colors,
Holding out hope of happiness.
Now the memories of them only hold out hope
Of what I know not.
But you were there.
You held out your hand to me.
You held my hand.
You smiled and kissed my face.
And I thought,
Sitting there with you on this cold autumn afternoon,
That perhaps I did see
The sillhouette of wings
Fluttering for us
Soon the cold and snow of winter will descend upon us,
And I thought,
Oh how wonderfull it would be to feel the warmth of your embrace,
Making me young again
With tenderness and passion
For you
My sweetest doe.

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