It is not that way
For us,
And if it were
It would worry me.
All Loves At First Sight
For me
Have dematerialized
Into nothingness ...
Into the vain meaninglessness from which they arose.
The true joy is  ... learning to love,
When the spark is there ...
When the candle has been lit.
Then I watch it grow
Into a beautiful all-consuming flame
Which both heats and warms
My body and my soul.
If there were
For you
Love At First Sight,
Then why not
Love At First Hearing?
Yet if you had never seen my face,
And I said,
Oh Doe, I love you!
Would you not step back in retreat?
For then my candle might burn you
Rather than light your way
To me.
No, there is no Love At First Sight.
There is only
Romance At First Glance,
That is
Of love for us, or anyone.
For here, at this moment
While you and I
Stand on the Threshold of Possibility
Still innocent in our heartbeats for each other,
That we hold each others' hands
And smile in anticipation
Of what may be!
Those butterflies rise up in us,
Carrying us sweetly on their wings,
Giving us a glimpse of earth,
And of ourselves,
As we may one day be, with each other.
You have spoken of my "agenda" for loving.
What can that mean when ...
That very agenda
Brought tears to your lovely eyes
That first time we spoke to one another,
Brought tears to my heart
At your words of understanding.
Have you not held my hand?
Walked arm in arm with me?
Is that not better yet than all fantasies
Of Love's First Sight?
Oh if these simple things
Quickened the pace of our hearts a bit,
Gave us some small measure of happiness,
Then think, dear Doe
Of what yet may come
For us,
If we dare,
Instead of fear.
Step into the sun with me
And hold me in your arms.
Feel me respond to your
Sweet woman's embrace.
And I shall kiss you yet again.
Perhaps not so chastely then,
But with more passion
If that is your desire.
These words are for you, dear Lady
Who called out to me
When I said,
I am seeking you!
Receive them then with gladness,
And know
That there are many more words in my heart.
I hold them within me
Until we are together again.

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