APRIL, 1993

Here is the sweet month of our meeting
One full year
And we have known each other very well.
Even as Adam and Eve have we been
With each other
Lying naked in Eden at every turn.
For when I am in your arms, sweet sister
I am in Paradise.
And as the L--d did to Adam,
So have you formed me in the image of a man
And I have seen my better self in your eyes.

April is an opening.
It opens this, our second year
As lovers.
As you open to me,
As I open to you,
As the earth opens to a new spring
Of hope and happiness
All green and alive.

In your embrace
I return to my very source.
April - the earth revives
She is our mother
As are you,
But I know
That you are ALL women to me!

Accept my gratitude for your love!

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