Skies open up
And the storm descends.
Ice from heaven
Falling on our lonesome weekend.
So far apart, my beloved.
Oh woman of my heart,
I long for you to warm me with your body.
Oh that the fire within you
Might heat me this cold cold night.
Deep within you
Is the eternal flame of a woman's love,
Given freely to a man
Who desires it,
Very much.
Yet you are not here,
And the snow falls,
Flies, driven by the uncaring wind.
My island becomes
Snowbound in sadness,
Without you...
Gray ... desolate ... frozen.
So I dream of days to come
When we will be together
Resisting this blizzard
With our own fire,
Burning brightly
From kisses and carresses,
Sighs and moans
From sweet and passionate touching.
I grow hard with anticipation,
Recalling how your skin feels.
Close your eyes.
Lie with me.
Take my love and let it warm you,
Tonight and always.

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