Oh shall we hearken to dreams
That come to us
Unbidden - in the night?
Or shall we,
By our loving,
Create our own dreams
Which are endless,
Which are limited only by our
Affections and dsesires for one another?
Why should we
Allow these nocturnal reveries
To damn us to uncertain inevitibleness,
When it is we who are
Masters of our own futures?
I cast away all preconceived
Ill conceived
Notions of tomorrow,
Which appear to me as symbolic shadows
Culled from my own unknown fears and wishes.
I feel your lips, your arms, your tenderness, your passion
And I am healed,
I am whole.
It is enough.
The stuff of dreams
That I have yearned for,
That were hitherto unfulfilled,
Now are concretized
In my knowing you,
And your knowing me.
You are my darling woman,
You are real - yet
You are all the dream I need.

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