February - the month of fires.
So let us rekindle the flame of our loving together.
For I miss you so.
And I miss the warmth of you - pressed close to me.
Your body - heating me with passion
That I have not felt with any other lover.
Within that passion
Is the tenderness of my love for you,
Love that you have caused
To burn in my heart of hearts
So that you are ever with me
In my thoughts of you -
Loving thoughts,
Passionate thoughts
Which drive me mad with longing
For you, my precious beloved.

February - when ancient pagans lit their holy fires
Against the winter cold ....
So let us light our holy fire together
To a fever pitch
Once again -
To touch, to feel, to kiss, to suck,
To explode in liquid flames
With each other ....
Our bodies .... togther.
My arms around you - a great thermal blanket
To encase you -
Your legs around me
Burning me so sweetly ...
Come to me - and I shall heat you
With throbbing love.
And you shall never feel the cold again.

And January's promise
Lingers on.

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