You said
That I could not touch you,
Yet you touched me,
In arcane places that are deep within me
That you do not yet realize.
Yet you shall know
For I shall show you,
By my words, reveal to you
The depths within,
That your loving kindness has touched, and more.
For you have shown me many kindnesses
And made me feel
That I am whole, and good,
And worthy.
So you called to me - on my island
And bade come - to yours.
To that magical island called Fire!
Where a million blazing stars shine down
Upon lovers lying on a beach
Caressing and kissing;
The darkness sheltering them - from view.
The sand beneath them
Wishes to whisper
All the fantasies in my mind
To my lover.
She sits alone now
And dreams of me.
Memories of gladness in her heart,
As in mine.
The waves shall kiss the sand
Beneath my lover,
Sweetest of lovers,
And she shall know,
For the sand and sea
Shall speak of me,
Of the happiness I knew
On that island called Fire,
In her loving embrace.

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