January -
All things begin anew.
Turning points.
Poignant words and thoughts,
And poignant deeds indeed,
To turn the points of our lives together.

Why is it
That I thrill
To your touch, to your embrace, to your kiss
More this year than last?
Then I embraced you only in an embrace.
Then I kissed you only with a kiss.
But now,
I embrace and kiss you
Even in absence -
Which makes my heart grow fonder
For you.

My body contracts in January's cold
But my heart expands in January warmth
For you.
You warm me,
You heat me;
Passion turns to love
And back again to passion - anew.
Forever new - just for you,
As new as this year's January.
As every year I wish it to be
Each time as the first
I discover you
In sexing, in loving.

January is a two headed being
Who looks backward
And sees
A sweet summer lover
Kissing and smiling in apprehension,
A sweet December lover
Kissing and smiling in anticipation;
Who looks forward
And sees
All the Januarys of our lives
Entangled forever
Free from fear,
Free to love
Each other,
Always anew.

Come take your lover
Into the depths of your body
Into the depths of your being
And warm him
With your new love,
For I have made you love me,
And I am yours alone.

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