Last night ...
Stars were obscured by the clouds
But they shone in your eyes.
The rain beat down on the asphalt which is my island
And my heart beat in tempo with it.
You, in my arms,
Close to me,
Unbelievably close.
The depth of our loving.
Even now I cannot fathom the depths
Of your sweet woman's embrace.
The welcome ... to ME!!!
Your laughter ... at me ... with me ... to me
Makes my heart laugh now!!!!
My arms aching for you .... my lips desiring ...
This morning ... the sun beams down on Manhattan ...
Reflecting the glow of fullfillment ...
Shining within me.
This morning ... I reflected too ...
And relived completely ...
And dared to dream dreams of what is yet to be ...
You and I.
Oh sweetest lover  ...  You and I.
My greatest wish ...
To be held by you ... long lingering embraces and carresses.
And of course ... those loving hungry lips ...
For me to feed ... most willingly ... most willingly ...
My gratitude and my gift.
for have I not said
That I would bless heaven and earth,
And most of all you?
The L-rd of heaven and earth has heard my prayer!

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