I sing a song of my lover
For you have brought music to my heart,
And enchanted my summer
With your melodies
Filled with passionate cadences.
Now I am full of winter dreams
Of my lover.
For we shall warm each other
With heat yet ungenerated,
The tempos of our continuing love songs,
Sung upon each other's hearts,
Played upon each other's bodies,
We shall step anew to these rhythms,
And play in vertical and horizontal dances
Of pleasuring and loving.
In each other's arms we glide.
The music has not ended
For us - not yet, oh sweetest and most excellent lover.
I hum the words of your love song to me.
Within my mind they lie
Bringing me to the utmost limits of my manliness
As I think on them.
I become even as my Constellation
Which you cause to rise ...
Along with my flesh --
Turned upward -- for you,
Filled with strength
As the horns of a bull,
As the power of a wild ox - in heat!
Your words are music to my man's heart.
When you say
That I excell all others
Whom you have known,
I ask, my lover -
In all humility -
How can that be?
For I dwelt in darkness
And you have en-lightened me
To cause the burden of my trials
To fall from my shoulders.
My cross, I bore
A cursed score of years.
But you have blessed me twofold
In that place
Where Heaven commanded
That I be touched and blest
On the day of
My second week of life;
Blood I shed;
Tears I wept.
Your music healed
My male flesh
And my human heart.
I take your hand in mine
To sing with you.
You have likened me to Father Abraham.
"All who behold me will laugh"
With joy at my joy
In you.
And through you
Shall the L--d make me
Like Moses of old.
That though I be your lover,
No longer young,
My eye shall never dim,
Nor shall my natural force be abated.
Your sweet love's music
Shall make me flow
Again and again
As in my youth.
My love shall be a river to my lover,
My love shall be as dew from G-d's own heaven to my lover,
To ever water her waiting garden.
Let the music play on ....

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