On My Return

The wings of yearning,
Having borne me aloft,
Returned me to my lover.
And she --
Faithfull as the Northern Star --
Too yearned for me.
Up from Southland,
I bid warm Dixie adieu,
And flew to that Northern Star,
To my lover's arms,
To my lover's kisses.
On the ground she stood,
Eyes uplifted.
My wings dipped - I descended.
In that descent was paradox!
For --
I found in it, Lost Paradise!!!
That night --
Her arms, her lips,
Her breasts,
Her willing thighs --
She gave -- willingly!
I gave my heart.
Oh happy heart
That shed tears of joy
In my lover's embrace.
Oh Northern Star!
Oh queen of grace!
Fair sister of my tribe!
As ever, I am yours!!!

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