On a cold winter's day
I lay in my lover's arms.
Her skin as soft and white as winter snow
Caught on branches of an evergreen
Or blanketed over roads and lawns,
Untrodden in its purity.
Her body as warm as hearth-fire
Even in the after-glow of loving,
That sweet loving of lips and limbs
With which she warms me,
               heats me,
            enflames me.
On a cold, cold winter's night
We lay upon her bed
And smiled
And slept beneath a covering of down
As warm, and fullfilled in contentment
As the earth beneath its covering of winter white.
December magic filled the air
And flakes outside her window fell,
Whispering to one another of our contentment within,
Their fall as soft and silent
As our breathing
In the dying fire's light.

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