It is my desire to be with you -
Till then -
Take my love
Deep into your body and soul -
Deep inside where I long to be, oh my precious
There I shall remove all sickness and pain.
Loving you, I shall heat you with such penetrating desire
That you shall long for me -
For my arms forever.
There in the midst of loving -
You shall feel my flesh
Wanting you ...
Oh I can taste you already
In my mouth -
Your sweetness
The taste and smell of you
Driving me insane with passion and flaming desire!
My love buried deep inside you -
Throbbing for you -
Inside you ...
And I wish to feel
The very muscles of your love
Milking me -
Milking the sweet stuff of loving heat out of me!
So that it may enter into you!
So you may feel it inside you!
And your thighs ache with mad desire for me
To pull me deep inside and not let go!
So your arms
So your legs
So your mouth
All over me
Eating   - eating my flesh with hunger
Burning deep within you!
As i burn for you.
I close my eyes
And you are in my embrace
Now! Now!
And you feel

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