I have said to you
That I would weave a tapestry of words for you
On the loom of my mind.
I have sent you words from my heart...
And you have said to me...
"All that I have to give..
 All you need do is ask...
And what is it that I have asked?
Only that you speak to me...
Only that you respond to me...
Have I said to you that you must
Scale mountains, cross desserts?
Only swim Lucinda's river to reach me!
Yet you have steadfastly deafened me
With your cruel silence...
When you have promised me
In the heat of emotion
(I do not say passion)
That you would honor me
By your replies...
My heart has gone out
In search of you...
As one of the hunters...
And it has been heartlessly eluded
By one whom it needs and seeks...
As tho' words we spoke
Meant nothing
And all our declarations
Void and annulled...
If my simple requests
Have been burdens, and odious to you
Then you ought to have spoken so
And not the way you have...
To fill me with thoughts of you
That remain unexpressed...
And what we had
As little as it is
Fades to less...
And Lucinda River turns dark and cold
Waters lonely, and as cold
As ICE!!!!

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