I celebrate your love for me.
Deep in the night
As the world slept
You came to me
And loved me.
The realization of it
Far exceeding the anticipation of it.
Kisses and carresses,
Whispers and moans
You did graciously bestow upon me.
They remain with me forever
Keeping my heart unlocked for all time.
And as you did devour my body
So did you consume my very soul
Taking me from this mundane sphere
To the far flung reaches of heaven
Where angels love,
Among the stars.
In those love moments
When you did drink of me
Draining my very essence
Which i begged you
Take! Take!
And in return give me your arms and your love
You did embrace me tightly and heatedly
Your mouth upon my own
Your body one with mine
Blended into a single being of love
And there between your arms
          between your legs
In everlasting embrace
I yet remain
To this very day
Yours Yours Yours.

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