King Solomon had a harem of one thousand wives and concubines
but one he loved far better than all the rest. He roamed the
streets of Jerusalem all night seeking his beloved - the one
whom his heart desired above all others...and I, his humble
namesake, seek you my beloved when the sun has set.
Oh most precious woman
Oh most sweet Lover
Tenderest of all lovers
My thoughts and words are for you...
Thinking of your kind ways
         of your kind words
Dancing on my magic screen
Eliciting feelings in me..for you...
There rages a war within me
The sweetest of wars that any man may wage
For I am torn
Between desire and tenderness for you...
If for just a moment I might hold your face within my hands
(Oh happy hands)
And lift those wondefull lips of yours to mine
If I might see the wonder and excitement in your eyes
If I might press your honeyed mouth to mine
And drink in your sweetness
If I might caress that unbelievable softness that is
your fair skin
So that my very fingers would tremble with every caress
If I might then cause you to yearn towards me
So that you would come to me with open arms
And enfold me in your most precious embrace
If I might take you to my breast, to my heart
And cause you to feel my body pressing against
your own dear body
If I might beg you
To hold me tighter than any woman has held any man
Since the beginning of time
If I might plead with you
To touch and feel every part of me
As I would touch and feel every part of you
If I might draw your nipples of love to my mouth
To suck your love into my soul
If I might then allow my passion
To subdue my tenderness
So that I would cause you to cling to me as I to you
If I might make you wish to cling to me forever
And wish never to leave my embrace
If I might then place my hands
(Oh happy hands)
Between your willing thighs
If I might cause you
To place your hands between my eager thighs
If then we two lovers of night
Might hold each other's love
Within our fingers
And caress there
Until madness makes us scream with joy
If I might then say to you
My Sweet Love
Open to me as the petals of a flower to a bee
If I might then lie down with you
And cause you to bear my weight
Upon your angelic self
If I might then penetrate you with all of my sweet love
If I might then hold your underside
So that we do never part
And thrust into you all my burning love
If I might feel you hold me in that same place
And thrust your own sweet love against me in return
In blessed response
If I might carry you to heaven
And you carry me to bliss
In those sweet moments
If I might hear raptuous sounds emanating from your sweet throat
And hear you whisper my name over and over again
In wonderous desire
If I might feel you hold me oh so tightly
As we both come together
Then who is to say which side has emerged victorious within me?
For I pour both tenderness and passion into you
My beloved
If we might then lie together in each others arms
Holding, kissing, caressing
Till dawn finds us still loving one another
Then I would bless heaven and earth
And all things therein
But above all dear lady
I would bless you...

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