Conversations in the night!
You are far from me
Yet I hold you close to me,
Wanting to cling to you forever _
I cling to your voice;
Wanting you to hold me forever;
Locked in your embrace;
There - my face nestled against your breasts,
Your hands caressing me!
Making me feel so safe,
               so loved.
How can I thank you for your love?
That special gift you have so generously bestowed upon me-
Oh please, I pray, let me worthy to receive it.
Your voice - holding me rapt!
Hours pass like minutes.
Where has time gone?
It does not exist.
Only YOU exist - for me!
The YOU I wish to touch - in every place -
                        - in every way.
As I wish you to touch me also.
And I do know
That when at last
We are in each others loving embrace
Sharing love in the night
Sharing conversations in the night
Our joy will be supreme;
Our hearts and minds will feel
The bliss we bring each others bodies...

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