Night will fall
And in that magic darkness
We will do that which is impossible
Each in our own domain
Yet will we leap great distances to each others
  hungry arms...
To that sweet and holy joining which we have
  both yearned for and which has yet eluded us...
(Oh cruel time and space, I would vanquish you demons
 who keep me from my beloved)
Then in those moments of rapture
As out mouths and hands
Seek seek the blessedness that we will offer each other
I shall offer you my protection as well as my love
I shall give you my completeness
And when we have both each given to the other our burning
 passion and desire, our hearts and our minds
When we have filled each other with that extreme unbelievable
We shall lie in each others comforting arms
And i shall weep my tears of gratitude against your soft sweet
                               warm and holy body
And again i shall bless you and beg you to hold me through
  the night, and never let me go....

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