I will speak no more to you
Of passions
Flowing endlessly outward;
Of untrammeled love-energies
Surging through this magic space
Timeless and senseless,
In all, a dream.
Like actors on an electronic stage (are we)
Who speak their lines with conviction
Yet when they exit
Do go their sperate ways
Sloughing off their roles,
Their lines recede into obscurity.
Yet all their feelings, senses, beliefs, imaginings
Remaining with them (unresolved).
Once we spoke in different tenses,
In other rhythms...
Tempos only you and I could decipher -
When magic stars blazed,
When sweet rivers ran their sweet predictable courses,
When a nightingale sang...
You and I together
Holding on to dear, precious moments
Fraught with deepest meanings
(We thought...).
On that stage of fire,
Speaking our lines with conviction
Not daring to let the act end.
Wishing that the curtain would not drop
(Not just yet!).
I believed in my heart of hearts
That we might swim that River forever
Battling valiantly together
Against whatever currents there might be...
And now our nightingale is silent.
Blazing stars have been extinguished.
The River has run dry...
Oh this poor Quixote,
Having gazed at windmills,
Causing himself to see other things (Dulcinea);
Eternity that was never there,
Mad and deluded was he.
Oh this poor Cyrano,
Forsaken by his Roxanne
For whom he created words (and worlds)
Words! Words! Words!
Words that struck like a hammer upon an anvil
Exploding sparks in the night;
Yet words to melt the hardest heart and soul
Which fell upon a woman's ears,
Which fell upon a woman's heart and soul
And made her wish to be embraced
By THEM, by HIM,
By ME!
Are finished now
Yet stored away and remembered
They exist forever
In her heart, in her fondest mememory (of me)
And all our lights and stars and songs of winter
Cannot die,
(No, not one).
Yet I am set on paths of sadness
Knowing...feeling the loss
Frozen in space and time am I,
Reflecting on what was
And what now is.
The moments of our fire
Gathered into my mind,
         into my heart
Like no other moments
Sweet and poignant,
Lying dormant now
As bitter-sweet memories.
A jewel has been lost my lady.
It can never be replaced.
Just as you can never be replaced in my heart
And who can tell
Which one of us
Will feel the sorrow of its loss...
The most?

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