ADRIFT ON THE SEA OF TIME (1996-1997)         1-2-07
          We two                                                                
          Go on with our lives,                                                 
          Living today.                                                         
          Yet we hold on to our yesterday                                       
          Like sea tossed people.                                               
          We cling to each other's voices                                       
          As driftwood,                                                         
          Watching our ship sink                                                
          Beneath the Sea of Time.                                              
          And the pain of it is constant.                                       
          Oh my darling, so constant.                                           
          Time and distance have not been friends to us.                        
          But we knew,                                                          
          When first we began                                                   
          Our impossible voyage,                                                
          That for us                                                           
          The waters might be turbulent.                                        
          Yet we left that safe harbor                                          
          That had been our home,                                               
          That had been our lives,                                              
          And set sail to find                                                  
          The Land of All Possibilities                                         
          Hitherto only known to each of us                                     
          In dreams.                                                            
          We took our dreams, and from them,                                    
          Created a reality that for most                                       
          Will only remain a dream                                              
          Their entires lives.                                                  
          For we were strong and brave,                                         
          Spurred on by all consuming love                                      
          That fuelled our hearts and minds                                     
          So that when the winds of romance blew
          The sails fully unfurled
          We crossed the knots of space
          To be one,                                                            
          To be lovers,                                                         
          To be spouses.                                                        
          We said "forever".                                                    
          We were glorious in our beliefs and feelings.                         
          How many others                                                       
          Whom we will know                                                     
          And whom we will never know                                           
          Will ever take that dare?                                             
          Will ever risk                                                        
          That incredible sailing                                               
          Wherein we sailed?                                                    
          A new time is here.                                                   
          And still we vacilate                                                 
          And live our dreams and fantasies                                     
          Of a year past,                                                       
          While living the reality                                              
          Of the year present,
          Adrift on the Sea of Time.
          And the pain of it is constant.
          Oh my darling, so constant.                                           
          I drown, Susan,                                                       
          In my pain,                                                           
          In my sorrow,                                                         
          In my regret.                                                         
          I weep not only for myself                                            
          But for us both,                                                      
          For what might have been                                              
          If only we had dared more strongly.                                   
          If only ......                                                        
          And I weep for the pain that YOU have felt                            
          Because I lost direction,                                             
          Because I lost heart,                                                 
          When our ship became rudder-less,                                     
          And my tears fall into the Sea of Time                                
          And are swallowed up                                                  
          By the uncaring waves,                                                
          And are lost.                                                         
          Perhaps you have found                                                
          A far better captain,                                                 
          A far better mate,                                                    
          Who sees more clearly                                                 
          The direction                                                         
          That points to possibility                                            
          For you.                                                              
          But then                                                              
          He never had                                                          
          To navigate                                                           
          The difficult tides of space
          As I did.                                                             
          My wish is for your happiness now                                     
          In this new time.                                                     
          For who so deserves it                                                
          More than the sweet                                                   
          Lilly of my Dreams?                                                   
          Whose garden I have tended                                            
          And caused to bloom                                                   
          To radiance and sweet perfection.                                     
          What gardener will not love you now?                                  
          Who can resist your selfless love                                     
          When you have so much to give,                                        
          When you give so well?                                                
          It is a new time now.                                                 
          Let us ask the Universe                                               
          To make it blessed for us.                                            
          Oh Sister mine!                                                       
          Your brother loves you still                                          
          In this new time.                                                     
          Be happy and be loved                                                 

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