Susan's Poem To Me


By Susan Hall

           27 Feb 1997

        Some days I awaken from dreams of you
        And the dreams mix with memories
        And in my semi-consciousness
        The line between reality and dreamworld
        Fades until it is undistinguishable

        I feel the warmth of your palms
        On my back
        The probing caresses of your fingers
        On my breasts
        Your breath on the back of my neck
        Your tender kisses on my shoulders

        And my longing for you
        Rushes through my body
        As intense and powerful
        As the passion you evoke
        When you wake me on those mornings
        When we have shared a bed.

        Mornings after we have loved
        Through the night, and into the dawn
        And slept entwined the hours in between,
        Not able to bear being separated even by inches
        Savoring the closeness of our bodies
        Pressed into each other, wrapped around each other.

        And I struggle against waking into full awareness
        Wanting to savor the dream, to stay within your embrace
        Until the ringing of the phone jars me awake
        And the first sounds of the morning intrude

        And I am consoled only that the first words I hear
        In that familiar whispery loving voice
        Are your declarations of your own longing and love
        And they echo my own sadness as we
        Face another day of separation

        Oh, but if I cannot have the reality
        of sleeping in your arms
        Then I will console myself with the dreams
        And the memories
        Until we are joined again, bonded together
        In tender love and fiery passion,
        And wake together once more.

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