I am the gardener
        Come to plant pleasure
        Inside of you.
        Lovingly my fingers
        Work your soil.
        Making my furrows
        With the tools of
        My desire for you,
        I plant my seeds
        Most carefully.
        I sew the seeds of passion
        Deep within you.
        All weeds of longing are removed.
        They are plucked from you
        As my tuminesence fills you.
        You open the gates for me
        And beg me enter ...
        To plough the field,
        To remove the ache,
        To cause the flowers to bloom,
        That their pistils rise up
        Pointing, like love fingers,
        To Heaven,
        Crying out Holy Names
        In their full blossoming.
        They breathe out air.
        Throats of love's splendor,
        Singing once forbidden words
        Now made indispensible for love
        By love's passion,
        Boiling with incredible heat,
        Seeking the Universe
        To fill them up
        With the OM of ALL,
        Flowing in, like eternal waters
        Of complete satiation,
        So that they do not again
        Thirst or lack or wither.
        Close the gates
        And lock the gardener within
        So that he may,
        Without distraction at all
        Attend to his tasks,
        Perform his work,
        Among the lillies
        That are YOU!

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