June 19, 1996

King Solomon looks from his chamber;
Through the window he peers.
The flowers of his royal garden
Bloom in the summer sun.
There he sees,
Among the blossoms,
The Lily of his heart.
It is you, fair Shoshannah,
Shoshannah of my dreams.

The king goes forth from his chamber
To enter his garden;
There to embrace the Lily of his heart.
She holds him in her embrace
And speaks comfortingly and lovingly to him.
He feels her love surrounding him.
Oh that I might feel your sweet embrace forever.

Beloved Susan;
You who are far from me.
Come close.
I wish you closer to me,
Much closer than you have known
It possible
For a woman to be with her man.
My will is
That my Susan be
Queen to Solomon -
So that this Shlomoh may be complete
In his kingship -
For he lives in a palace of romance and passion,
In a kingdom of loving possibilities
And has chosen you,
Lily of my dreams,
Of all the flowers of the royal garden.

Oh sweetest Susan!
All the daughters of Israel
Shall gaze upon you.
They shall look upon my Lily
With jealousy.
For the king has given you his attention.
For the king has given you his intention.
For the king has chosen you
As you have chosen him.
I hold you in my heart
And in my arms
And I know bliss
Because you love me!

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