Susan's Poem To Me


By Susan Hall

        I look back on the past year
        In amazement and amusement;
        Could it be true?
        Or did I merely dream this romantic fantasy?
        I was intrigued.

        A year ago my life changed;
        A poem, unsolicited and unexpected
        Appearing for me
        Out of the blue, from a king no less.
        It was enticing.

        A year filled with letters and
        Communication by varying modes
        Phone bills that dazzle
        My mind, and your checking account.
        We are obsessed.

        Ah, those wonderful phone calls
        A precious lifeline,
        Our daily fix of one another
        2 times, 3 times, a dozen a day.
        Every day.
        We are addicted.

        We shared ourselves openly,
        Utterly and completely
        Creating an intimacy
        Unparalledlled in our lifetimes.
        We are fullfilled.
        We are complete.
        We are intoxicated.
        We are soulmates.

        Blissful weekends, much too short,
        Exhilarating weeks,
        But never enough time
        Agonizing separations.
        And still, we are addicted.

        Our desire for each other
        Our love for each other
        Unconditional and limitless.
        And still, we are obssessed.

        I fill the empty spaces
        Within you,
        As you fill mine.
        We heal each other.
        We complete each other.
        You are in me, as
        I am in you.

        You called me your wife
        And I accepted you as my husband.
        And in our hearts
        We remain so.
        Our hearts committed
        In ways our flesh cannot.

        Dreams and fantasies
        Difficult to relinquish
        Not yet extinguished,
        Living yet in our hopeful souls,
        We live for possibilities.

        And through the ecstatic highs,
        And the abysmal lows,
        One thing remains unchanged,
        A constant that cannot be shaken,
        We remain devoted.
        We remain addicted.
        We remain obssessed.
        We remain connected.
        We belong to each other.

To Shlomoh
on the anniversary
of our first

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