THE RIVERS BETWEEN US
                       (for my Susan Mary)

        Today I missed you especially,
        As I watched the bride and groom kiss,
        As I heard them exchange their vows,
        Promising to love each other forever,
        For better or for worse.
        And I wished
        It were YOUR finger!
        It were MY ring
        For you!

        But I knew
        You were beyond the Hudson,
                 beyond the Mississippi.
        They flow
        As my love loves outward
        To you -
        Beyond the Mississippi
        Whose banks we strolled
        Hand in hand.

        We looked East
        At the Illinois shoreline.
        Where the sun rises.
        Where I am,
        Beyond the Hudson
        Whose waters whisper your name to me
        As they lap the water wall
        Of Manhattan Island,
        MY island,
        Where I wait for you,
                long for you,
        Susan of my dreams,
        Shoshannah of my heart's desire.

        Here we will shortly stroll
        Blue Hudson's banks together,
        Hand in hand,
        Heart to heart,
        Love to love.

        Oh my beloved Susan!
        When WE say,
        "For better or for worse",
        Rivers shall no longer flow between us.
        They shall not part us
        As they do now.
        Only our love shall flow
        As a never ending river to the sea!

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