Susan's Poem To Me


By Susan Hall

So subtly do you draw me into your web
I hardly notice until the trap is sprung.
Your words entice and tempt me,
To come closer.

You seduce with poetry and images
Expressed in sensuous and sincere inflections
Exuding warmth and intimacy,
Come closer.

You engage me once again with avowals
Of  your devotion, love and burning passion
Uniquely held for me,
Come closer.

You bewitch me with reminders and memories
And speak of our delicious, loving times together
Melting my resistance,
Come closer.

The captivation is ongoing and familiar
You know so well the pathway to my heart
Smooth as silk you purr,
Come closer.

You seduce not only my heart, but my mind
Not only my flesh, but my soul and spirit,
Until I beg of you,
Come closer.

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