To Susan - On the Eve of New Year      12/29/96

        When I think
        Of how I unleashed
        Harsh words
        On a heart so gentle
        And loving,
        I am filled with sorrow
        And regret
        That I sent out my arrows
        To wound my sweet lover.
        Oh sweet and gentle girl,
        Please open now to me,
        That big and generous heart,
        I beseech you,
        And let me have forgiveness,
        For my own heart is heavy with tears
        At what I inflicted upon your soft soul
        In my madness.
        Oh my dearest heart,
        Shoshannah of my dreams,
        The king speaks to you
        Ever so gently now
        Forgive, for he is contrite,
        And fully confesses his sin against you.
        Let a new year begin
        With a kiss and embrace
        Across our wide and sad distance.
        So may these poor words of mine
        Be an atonement offering,
        That my fair Missouri angel
        May spread her wings
        And hold me to her bossom,
        And on my knees
        I will remain
        Nestled against you
        In my sorrow.

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