My plane alights.
The ground rushes up to meet me.
And you are far away once more.
But I have memories
Of you and me together.
Our dream now a reality,
I cannot get you out of my mind.
You are there forever!
Your voice, once only electronic in my ears,
Spoke to me - close to me - breathed all that you had promised.
You held nothing back from me.
And now - we are lovers,
Our love sealed by reality.
Your photo smiles out to me.
Your lips, your eyes,
Your wonderfull skin,
All real to me now,
All given to me in love,
And oh so much more!
Susan of my dreams,
Susan of my love,
Susan of my life!
Geography cannot take away
That which we now have!
I hold you close now always.
I give my love to you now
As though our bodies were still entwined.
You, wrapped in my arms, close to me
Regardless of distance.
My heart remains happy in your love for me!
You and I are one now
In a way that few can understand!
No matter where life takes us,
You and I are one now

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