Here is my heart,
        Open to you,
        For you to take and love.
        Oh sweetest sister,
        Bear it ever gently
        And protect it.
        For you see
        That it can easily break.
        And for that,
        My pledge is -
        I shall ever love you.
        On the day of hearts
        That is St Valentine's very own,
        I shall hold you close
        To MY very beating heart
        And feel your sweetness
        Once again.
        But I fear
        That my heart shall swell
        In my chest
        So that
        It may burst
        For happiness.
        And you,
        Sweet queen of hearts,
        Sweet queen of mine,
        Press your very own heart
        My sweetest-heart
        Against my breast
        And breathe to me
        Once again.

        Breathe love to me now again
        As I breathe it to you,
        And On Valentine's Day,
        And till death do us part.

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