Feb 18, 1997

        To Ms S.M. Hall, upon her departure from me after our Valentines
        loving .....

        Oh Sweet Lover of mine  ....

        Whenever I touch you,
        May I be mindfull
        To listen to you
        And not to the inner workings of my own mind.
        Oh teach me, my dearest lover,
        To be that true consumate man,
        Fully versed in the pleasing of you,
        That I pray to be,
        That I have declared myself to be
        To you, and to myself.
        Oh coach me, my darling maestra,
        That I never fail you at all.
        For your love is all encompassing perfect
        In its execution,
        And sweet to my heart and mind and body.

        My Missouri Angel
        Holds me and kisses me.
        Her caresses are the stuff of lovers' dreams.
        Yea, many dream about
        But will never have them.
        Her embraces fill me with happiness
        Unknown to the multitudes.
        She is sublime in her love for me,
        In the demonstrations thereof.
        Therefore let me never fail her.

        Dearest heart,
        True lover of mine,
        When I touch you,
        Please instruct me
        That I lose not the way
        Make me as perfect as I wish to be with you.

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