We ride the lightning
        When we love.
        Our passions' expressions
        They streak across the ether
        Splitting the air,
        Crackling in the night,
        And in the early mornings,
        Before dawn,
        When it is darkest,
        So that the very brightness
        Of our loving
        Is highlighted in the world.
        The sky is illuminated
        By our movements.
        The rolling thunder
        That we create
        With one another
        Echoes without end
        In the heavens
        And on earth.
        Its reverberations do not end.
        They continue into eternity
        As does our love.
        We have not forgotten
        The incredible storms,
        And lulls of sweetness.
        We remember!
        We remember!
        Our memories reignite our love
        Which does not pass away ....


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