"Lonesome Sue; she's in love with old Stan,
Takes him from the fire to the frying pan.
On and on; she just keeps on trying,
And she smiles when she feels like crying,
On and on, On and on, On and on!

Shlomoh Sherman []
Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 11:17 PM

Suzanne sent me an email late last week which I forgot to tell you about. She asks whether she is forgiven or forgotten. And would I like her to pick me up at the airport. She has not attempted to contact me since and I have not responded to her.

Suzanne is great. She takes care of me and my house. She claims to love me and there is no lack of sex. She's great.

All this at quite a cost - which I won't pay anymore.

It's not only that she has let me 4 times but when she leaves, she sneaks out and I never really knew why she left and her explanation ia always "I don't know". But she DOES know and I know.  Whenever I act independently, she can't stand it. Suzanne is very frustrated. She can't find work and she monitors every move I make, and she has something to say about everything I do or say, and her input is not wanted because it is negatively co-dependent. And she SMOTHERS and suffocates me.

OK, she leaves, and once she leaves, she does not respond to my calls, texts, or emails - till SHE is ready to contact me. When she left I begged her to come over and help me with some things around the house. She ignored me.

Oh well. O hope I don't ever hear from her again but unfortunately I will.

From: Norman []
To: Shlomoh Sherman []
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2014 11:13 AM
Subject: RE: She's back

Is this the season finale? Or does she come back next season. You certainly  have a choice. Tell me.

Shlomoh Sherman []
Sun, Oct 19, 2014 at 12:13 PM

This, my dear friend, is an illogical question.
Let  me set the scene

Previously on The Suzanne Saga ...

Shlomoh, why do you want to go into another room when you can sit here with me?
Shlomoh, why do you spend so much time on the computer?
Shlomoh, whom are you talking to online? Is it a woman?
Shlomoh, why do you want to go off and spend time with your friend without me?
Shlomoh, why are you writing a book in email; your response has bypassed two paragraphs.
Shlomoh, although I have left 4 times and promised never to leave again, you must let me come back and bullshit you that I will never leave again.
Shlomoh, why do you mind that I smother you with my overbearing co-dependence?
Shlomoh, why do you insist on having your own independence?

Shlomoh, you have a choice. You can let me back and put up with the same old same old.

Season Finale. End credits. Fade out.
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