Superbowl 2024
By Shlomoh
February 11, 2024

Tonight I went to a Superbowl party here at Rossmoor. A lady sitting next to me asked: Whom are you rooting for? Actually, I think what she said was: WHO are you rooting for? But why be picky?

I asked her: Who is playing?

Now there are some 4000 residents living in Rossmoor and exactly 3999 of them know which teams are playing. What does that tell you about me? Right! When it comes to sports I am about the most unmanly man whom you will ever meet.

I really thought that she was going to have me evicted from the party. But oh no; Rossmoorians are too nice for that.
Well, she answered, San Francisco is playing.
OH, I quickly said, I used to live in Frisco so I will root for them.
Oh, said the lady sitting on the opposite side of me, So you are rooting for the 49ers.
Well, I said, if that's what they are called, yeah I am rooting for the 49ers.

I swear; there is someone on Facebook who used to be my girlfriend and I just know she is laughing her you-know-what off, reading this.
One day I shocked my old girlfriend when she mentioned Alabama and I said, Oh the Crimson Tide. Her eyes widened as she looked at me and I could tell she was thinking, How does this sports FEYGELE know about the Crimson Tide?
Well, I told her, It's mentioned in a SteelyDan song.

Then I rethought my answer and I said to the first lady who asked for whom I was rooting - Uh, which team is Taylor Swift supporting? - A further proof of my unmanliness. A real man at Rossmoor would know that answer.

Oh, thank whichever God is on duty today; How the hell did we ever manage without Google?
Yes,  Kansas City Chiefs is the correct answer. Don't get me wrong. Taylor is quite lusty [if that's the correct adjective] but I had already given my answer - so 49ers it was.

I left early. Can some real man or woman on here let me know who won?

Of course we now know that the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in overtime.

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