Being an appreciator of music of all kinds, I was able to home in on the melodic hip-hop of the great sound track of this hit movie.

Eminem has succeeeded in bringing rap music across the racial and cultural boundries into the main stream. When I went to see it, the people I saw in the audience covered a wide spectrum of people and ages. In other words, folks who you would not suspect of having the slightest interest in rap music came to see the story of a white rapper from the mean streets of Detroit who is on his way to fame.

The plot of the movie follows more or less closely the real life of its protagonist. The music is riveting, the performances better than average. 8 Mile may win an award for its music sound track. I recommend this film.

8 Mile  
Directed by Curtis Hanson

Writtne by Scott Silver

Genre: Drama / Musical (more)

Plot Outline: A young rapper (Eminem) in Detroit struggles with his anger and social status through music.

Eminem .... Jimmy "Rabbit" Smith
Kim Basinger .... Stephanie Smith
Brittany Murphy .... Alex
Mekhi Phifer .... Future
Chloe Greenfield .... Lily
Evan Jones .... Cheddar Bob
Omar Benson Miller .... Sol George
De'Angelo Wilson .... DJ Iz
Eugene Byrd .... Wink
Taryn Manning .... Janeane
Larry Hudson .... Bouncer
Proof .... Lil' Tic
Michael Bell .... Shorty Mike (as Mike Bell)
DJ Head  .... Battle DJ

Also Known As:
Fight Music (2001) (USA: working title)
Fight Song (2001) (USA: working title)
Untitled Detroit Project (2001) (USA: working title)
MPAA: Rated R for strong language, sexuality, some violence and
drug use.
Runtime: 110 min

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