Recently I rented this film and showed it to my girl friend's young children. Naturally they loved it. After all, it's Kubrik's and Spielberg's 21st century version of Pinocchio, but with a more poignant feeling.

This is the story of David, a robot [mecha] built in the future at a time when scientists are able to create artificial life so realistic that the automotons actually feel and exspress emotions as well as a very sophisticated knowledge of humans and the world in which they are received with mixed reviews by humanity. David is purchased by a couple whose son has been injured to the degree that he can only be kept alive in a state of suspended animation. He is to be their new son. David comes with a program which if initiated will actually make him love his parents. Monica, the wife, decides to activate the program, feeling that her real son will never awaken. Alas sometime later he does awake. Almost immediately, due to the bratty disposition of the son, Martin, tensions between the two boys leads to unintended violence on the part of David. Monica decides that she cannot have both her son and the robot in the same house. She therefore takes David to a secluded, wooded area and abondons him.

What follows is a series of adventures in which David tries to find Monica again and to search for a means whereby he can become a real boy. [Monica had read him the story of Pinocchio]. His search leads him on an exciting but sad adventure in which he narrowly escapes destruction several times.

Ultimately David is forced to confront the truth about mechas and their unchangeable relationship to orgas [humans]. I recommend that you see this film with your children. It is beautifully written and acted. The professional critics found many faults with the film but I loved it. You be the judge.


Haley Joel Osment ...  David
Frances O'Connor ...  Monica Swinton
Sam Robards ...  Henry Swinton
Jake Thomas ...  Martin Swinton
Jude Law ...  Gigolo Joe
William Hurt ...  Prof. Hobby
Ken Leung ...  Syatyoo-Sama
Clark Gregg ...  Supernerd
Kevin Sussman ...  Supernerd
Tom Gallop ...  Supernerd
Eugene Osment ...  Supernerd
April Grace ...  Female Colleague
Matt Winston ...  Executive
Sabrina Grdevich ...  Secretary
Theo Greenly ...  Todd

Also Known As:A.I. (USA) (working title (promotional title)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence (USA) (poster title)
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Writers (WGA):Brian Aldiss (short story Supertoys Last All Summer Long)
Ian Watson (screen story)
Release Date: June 29. 2001
Genre: Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (USA) (alternative spelling)
MPAA:Rated PG-13 for some sexual content and violent images.
Parents Guide:View content advisory for parents
Runtime:146 min
Company:Warner Bros.

The list of words that Monica Swifton says to David to make him capable of love was the original list, written by Stanley Kubrick.

Factual error: The story opens with New York and other coastal cities having been flooded due to the melting of the polar ice, but the ending has the world in the midst of an ice age. If that were the case, the waters would have first receded, leaving the cities on dry ground again. In fact, sea levels would have dropped even further than they are today, as more and more water was bound up in the ice.

Quotes:Gigolo Joe: "When you become a real boy, remember me to the ladies when you grow up."

Soundtrack: I Only Have Eyes For You By - Harry Warren and lyricist Al Dubin, written in 1934 for the film Dames where it was introduced by Dick Powell.

Oregon, Ohio
August, 2007

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