Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)
A review by Shlomoh Sherman
October 29, 2020

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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)
ORIGINAL TITLE: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
Director: Jason Woliner Writers: Sacha Baron Cohen (screenplay by), Anthony Hines (screenplay by)
Stars: Sacha Baron Cohen, Maria Bakalova, Tom Hanks
Genres: Comedy
Plot Synapsis: Follow-up film to the 2006 comedy centering on the real-life
adventures of a fictional Kazakh television journalist named Borat. Kazakh TV talking head Borat is dispatched to the United States to solicit aid for his country.
Plot Keywords: making fun of Americans - disguise - sequel - father/daughter relationship
Release Date: October 23, 2020 (USA)
Taglines: He's back, and he's not alone.
Country: UK - USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Company Credits: Production Co: Four by Two Films
Runtime: 95 min
Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)
Rated R for pervasive strong crude and sexual content, graphic nudity, and language - See all certifications below
Parents Guide: See below


The last review I did of a Sacha Baron Cohen movie was THE DICTATOR which I thought was in bad taste and unfunny. Here, Cohen has redeemed himself in my eyes. BORAT 2 is one of the funniest Cohen movies ever, much funnier and outrageous than the first Borat.

And there is a good reason for it. It's 2020! And much has happened since 2006; the world has gone insane and Trump's America leads the race in insanity. And Cohen captures every insanely ludicrous aspect of a sadly divided America.

Borat returns to the USA to deliver a sexy gift to vice president Pence. In the former film, his traveling companion was his producer, Azamat Bagatov. Now he brings his daughter, Tutor, with him. Maria Bakalova, a young Bulgarian actress was fortunate to land the role of Tutor, and she is a wonderful foil for Cohen's zany antics.

As in the first Borat and in Bruno, nothing is too sacred to be lampooned. This includes the Ku Klux Klan, the Holocaust and a moronic antisemitism in general, Tutor's first menstrual period [which is featured brazenly and shamelessly in a debutante dance].

Not only does Borat manage to ridicule all the right wing conspiracy theories. He even manages to include Rudy Giuliani and Mike Pence in embarrasingly ad hominem sequences.

There is also a funny sequence in which Borat interacts with Tom Hanks whom he addresses as Forrest Gump.

If you plan to see this film, be prepared to be regaled with every racist, misogynistic, homophobic stereotype which many of us associate with Eastern Europe.

There is so much to say about this movie but anything further would give rise to spoilers. Best to see it yourself and laugh your ass off, and if you are a fan of Cohen's, you will be very pleased.

As usual, I append to my own review, that of one review found at IMDB. Here is an excerpt from the October 23, 2020 review by efd-10467.

Hello America!
What a violent take on American culture; the debutante ball and their dance was great. Some Americans will not appreciate it, but the rest of us will laugh.

KUDOS to Sacha Baron Cohen who outdoes himself as a master satirizer, showing us that life is so absurd as to be ridiculous in the funniest sense
KUDOS to Maria Bakalova, a lovely and young Bulgarian actress who plays Borat's daughter
KUDOS to all the outstanding Eastern European actors and actresses who display a wonderful talent for comedy.

Sacha Baron Cohen spent five whole days with pro-conservatives Jerry Holleman and Jim Russell without breaking character as Borat.
Sacha Baron Cohen sat nearly five hours in a toilet stall at the 2020 CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) until Vice President Mike Pence was about to appear on stage.
Borat's Daughter in this movie is actually speaking Bulgarian, the native language of the actress Maria Bakalova, and he seems to understand her perfectly. Meanwhile, the Kazakh premier is played by a Romanian actor who says his lines in Romanian. This is a recurring joke from the first movie where Borat speaks Hebrew while his producer Azamat spoke Armenian, but seemingly they understand each other. All of this to point out that American audiences can't notice the differences in foreign languages.
Originally titled "Borat: Gift of Pornographic Monkey to Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence to Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation of Kazakhstan."
Some small sequences appear in the trailer but not in the movie. These include Borat asking if Harry Potter is a "sex criminal", asking the pastor if he "put a baby" in his daughter, Borat fist-bumping, playing golf and being stopped by traffic police.
Professional babysitter Jeanise Jones was paid $3,600 to appear in the movie but she, as most other people who appear in the film, was under the impression that it was a serious documentary and had no idea that Sacha Baron Cohen and Maria Bakalova were playing made-up characters. She later praised the performance of Bakalova and admitted she had her fooled.
American film debut of Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova.
With respect to his scene with Borat's daughter, Rudy Giuliani has defended himself on Twitter by stating that he was "tucking in his shirt after taking off recording equipment."
The name of Borat's daughter, Tutar, translates to "Daughter" in Estonian ("Tütar").
One of two films premiering on streaming services in October 2020 starring Sacha Baron Cohen; the other being Netflix's The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020). Cohen is credited as a producer on both films.
For the Holocaust survivor Judith Dim Evans, Sacha Baron Cohen actually let her know about the joke after being filmed with Borat.
Sacha Baron Cohen genuinely felt that he was risking his life making this film. Unlike the first Borat film, in which he was famously arrested nearly 100 times during production, Cohen was facing arguably more dangerous situations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and various political protests, rallies, and riots. He even said there were two separate occasions in which he had to wear a bulletproof vest.
The Movie is dedicated to Judith Dim Evans who is seen in the Synagogue scene and died shortly after filming.
At the end, Borat says "You were amazing" to Tutra in Hebrew while hugging her, which was actually Sacha Baron Cohen breaking character to compliment Maria Bakalova.
Near the end, Borat confirms that Kazakhstan now exports teen boys instead of girls. A box shown crammed with boys in tuxedos is addressed to Kevin Spacey in the US.
Borat addresses Tom Hanks as "The Forrest The Gumps" and asks for his autograph.

Borat: Jak sie masz? My name-a Borat. My life is nice, NOT! But how I end up like this? [working in a gulag]? <Br>
Tutar Sagdiyev: My daddy is the smartest person in the whole flat world!
Borat: [voice-over] Finally the time had come to deliver my daughter to the vice pussy-grabber.
Borat: The vice premier was known to be such a pussy hound that he could not be left alone in a room with a woman.
Tutar Sagdiyev: I found a new book which only tells the truth. It's called Facebook. I learn so many facts there. Like, our nation's proudest moment, the Holocaust, never happened!
Borat: [Being escorted out of CPAC] If you release me, I'll give you my klan robes!
Rudy Giuliani: I'll eat a bat with you.
Borat: [Interrupting CPAC] Mike, you're fired!
Borat: Since I did not have money to buy a gun I went to the nearest synagogue to wait for the next mass shooting.
Borat: [Back in his village] Jak sie masz! Kazakhstan now feminist nation, like US&A and Saudi Arabia.
Borat: This is the worst story that ever happened to any human being... or Jew.

Crazy Credits
The closing credits end with a dedication to Holocaust survivor Judith Dim Evans, who appeared in the movie in the synagogue and died shortly before the release. A picture of her is shown with her years of living (1932-2020) and her quote "I feel obligated to be a good person and to bring good to the world. We owe the dead." along with her website.

Ederlezi Written and Performed by Goran Bregovic Courtesy of Mercury Records France Under license from Universal Music Enterprises
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Lume, Lume (Choir Version) Arranged by Georgui Metev Petkov and Adrian Sical Performed by Fanfare Ciocarlia & The Bulgarian Voices, Angelite Courtesy of Piranha Records and Jaro-Median GmbH Kalasnjikov Written and Performed by Goran Bregovic Courtesy of Decca Records France Under license from Universal Music Enterprises
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Score from Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan Written by Erran Baron Cohen Courteys of 20th Century Studios
Ailili (Shantel Dub) Written by Dan Armeanca Performed by Fanfare Ciocarlia & Shantel Courtesy of Asphalt Tango Records GmbH & Essay Recordings
I'm Coming Out Written by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers Performed by Diyana Vasileva - Mountain Girl Courtesy of Tency Music SAS France
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Wuhan Flu Song Written by Sacha Baron Cohen, Anthony Hines, Peter Baynham, Erica Rivinoja, Dan Swimer, Jena Friedman, Jim Russell, Jerry Holleman and Erran Baron Cohen Performed by Sacha Baron Cohen and the Warren G. Hardings
I Am Your Gummy Bear Written by Christian P. Schneider (as Christian Philipp Schneider) and Christian A. Schneider (as Christian Andre Schneider) Performed by Fanfare Ciocarlia Courtesy of Asphalt Tango Records GmbH
Cotton Eye Joe Arranged and Performed by Erran Baron Cohen
Just the Two of Us Written by Ralph MacDonald, William Salter and Bill Withers Performed by Fanfare Ciocarlia Vocals by Benedikt Stehle Produced by Henry Ernst Fanfare Ciocarlia appears courtesy of Asphalt Tango Records GmbH
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) Written by Robert Clivillés (as Robert Clivilles) and Freedom Williams (as Frederick Williams) Performed by Little Big By arrangement with Friendly Fire Licensing


MPAA Rated R for pervasive strong crude and sexual content, graphic nudity, and language
Australia:MA15+ (self-applied) Brazil:16 (self-applied) Canada:R (self-applied) France:18 (self-applied) Germany:16 India:18 (self-applied) Italy:VM18 (self-applied) Japan:18 Mexico:18 (self-applied) Russia:18+ Singapore:M18 Spain:18 (self-applied) United Kingdom:18 United States:R (certificate #52881)

A pornographic video is seen on a specific website but blurred out; sounds heard.
Graphic nudity of male rear area in a thong .
A fax message of a picture of a penis is seen.
Sexualised images/drawings
Double entendre scene where it is misunderstand about a father impregnating his daughter.
Male nudity shown in two pictures very briefly.
Close up images of the vaginas of several primates shown.
Lots of jokes of selling young girls to men for sex trafficking and rape.
Father takes daughter to crisis pregnancy centre after swallowing a tiny toy baby.
Close up image of a penis shown for about 6 seconds.
Assumed female masturbation scene and inappropriate discussion with others about it.
Borat dances around and exercises with a strap-on penis. Very brief.
Girl lifts up skirt exposing underwear with pubic hair coming out.
Man searches for sexual content on porn hub.
Girl masturbates in bathroom but nothing is shown.
Girl explains details of how she masturbated.
We see a drawing of a nude pregnant woman on her hands and knees with three men around her and one man stands behind her penetrating her, another man stands in front of her while she performs oral sex on him and the third man is said to be delivering her child.
An animated movie shows a man with an erection (pushing through his pants) and he reaches under a woman's skirt and grabs her between the legs while they dance.

Graphic depiction of menstruation (theatrical and highly exaggerated)

Only a limited amount of coarse language.
1 use of C*nt, 5 uses of f*ck, 2 uses of b*tch, 4 uses of ass, over 25 sexual terms

Drugs: None
Smoking: None
Alcohol: A few depictions of drinks, though none appear to be consumed.

Through the whole film, Borat is threatened to be executed if he fails his mission.
The dead body of a monkey is briefly seen.

THE RISE OF SACHA BARON COHEN Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm (2020) Sacha Baron Cohen spent years interviewing unsuspecting subjects as characters like Ali G, Bruno, and Borat, As he returns to the screen in BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM, we look at his career from TV interviewer to dramatic actor On the Internet Movie Data Base

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Cast overview, first billed only:
Sacha Baron Cohen ... Borat Sagdiyev
Maria Bakalova ... Tutar Sagdiyev
Tom Hanks ... himself
Dani Popescu ... Premier Nazarbayev
Manuel Vieru ... Dr. Yamak (Gypsy Tears)
Miroslav Tolj ... Nursultan Tulyakbay
Alin Popa ... HueyLewis/Jeffrey Epstein Sagdiyev
Ion Gheorghe ... Bilak Sagdiyev
Nicolae Gheorghe ... Biram Sagdiyev
Marcela Codrea ... Kuczek Villager
Luca Nelu ... Kuczek Villager

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