Plot: An oddball journalist and his psychopathic lawyer travel to Las Vegas for a series of psychedelic escapades.

It is the early 1970s. A screwed up journalist and his more screwed up lawyer travel to Las Vegas to engage in an orgy of drug induced episodes.

Someone must have thought this would be a great psychodelic movie for the late 1990s. Well what's the point? A great cast of actors, staring Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro, both of whom have wasted their talents and our time in this worthless piece of crap.

Firstly, there is no real plot or story. All we see is a disjointed and disconnected series of sequences in which the two main characters ingest various substances and act stupid. Halfway through this film, the perceptive viewer understands that he has been ripped off and screwed.

I am a Johnny Depp fan [despite the fact that he has made some anti-American statements in the press recently and then had to backtrap and clean up - but who says that showbiz personalities possess the slightest scintilla of wisdom?] I TIVOed this film at the suggestion of another Depp fan. I am sure that all MATURE fans will have the same reaction that I did. Luckily I didn't spend money to buy tickets. My cable company gave me this piece of garbage for free - and that's exactly what it was worth - nothing!

To quote another reviewer, "A Stupid Pointless Movie"

Film includes some cameo appearences by stars who either need money or were dazzled by the names of others associated with this production.


Johnny Depp ....  Raoul Duke
Benicio Del Toro ....  Dr. Gonzo
Tobey Maguire ....  Hitchhiker
Ellen Barkin ....  Waitress at North Star Cafe
Gary Busey ....  Highway Patrolman
Christina Ricci ....  Lucy
Mark Harmon ....  Magazine Reporter at Mint 400
Cameron Diaz ....  Blonde TV Reporter
Katherine Helmond ....  Desk Clerk at Mint Hotel
Michael Jeter ....  L. Ron Bumquist
Penn Jillette ....  Carnie Talker
Craig Bierko ....  Lacerda
Lyle Lovett ....  Road Person
Flea ....  Musician
Laraine Newman ....  Frog-Eyed Woman
Harry Dean Stanton ....  Judge
Tim Thomerson ....  Hoodlum
Michael Lee Gogin ....  Uniformed Dwarf
Larry Cedar ....  Car Rental Agent - Los Angeles
Brian Le Baron ....  Parking Attendant
Michael Warwick ....  Bell Boy
Tyde Kierney ....  Reporter
Richard Riehle ....  Dune Buggy Driver
Ransom Gates ....  Dune Buggy Passenger
Frank Romano ....  Dune Buggy Passenger
Gil Boccaccio ....  Desert Inn Doorman
Gary Bruno ....  Desert Inn Doorman
Richard Portnow ....  Wine Colored Tuxedo
Debbie Reynolds ....  Herself (voice)
Steve Schirripa ....  Goon
Verne Troyer ....  Wee Waiter (as Verne J. Troya)
Will Blount ....  The Black Guy
Ben Yeagar ....  Clown Barker
Christopher Callen ....  Bazooka's Circus Waitress
Ben Van Der Veen ....  TV Crew Man
Alex Craig Mann ....  Stockbroker
Gregory Itzin ....  Clerk at Mint Hotel
Troy Evans ....  Police Chief

Gale Baker ....  Police Chief's Wife
Christopher Meloni ....  Sven, Clerk at Flamingo Hotel
Chris Hendrie ....  Executive Director
Larry Brandenburg ....  Cop in Back
Donald Morrow ....  Voice of Drug Film Narrator (voice)
Jenette Goldstein ....  Alice the Maid
Stephen Bridgewater ....  Human Cannonball
Buck Holland ....  Shopper
Mary Gillis ....  Shopper
Jennifer Elise Cox ....  Shopper
Robert Allen ....  Car Rental Agent - Los Angeles
David Brisbin ....  Man in Car
James O'Sullivan ....  Newscaster
Milt Tarver ....  Newscaster
Kathryn Alexander ....  Lounge Lizard
Mia Babalis ....  Lounge Lizard
Kristin Draudt ....  Lounge Lizard
Kim Flowers ....  Lounge Lizard
Nan Friedman ....  Lounge Lizard
Judith Lieff ....  Lounge Lizard
Tane McClure ....  Lounge Lizard
Diana Mehoudar ....  Lounge Lizard
Geoffrey B. Nimmer ....  Lounge Lizard
Marlene Bologna ....  Trapeze Artist
Chobi Gyorgy ....  Trapeze Artist
Karen E. Castoldi ....  Trapeze Artist
Lisa Hoyle ....  Trapeze Artist (as Lisa S. Hoyle)
Joseph S. Griffo ....  Trapeze Artist
rest of cast listed alphabetically
Ray Cooper ....  Distinguished Man (scenes deleted)
Kacee DeMasi ....  Hooker
Eva Ford ....  American Flag Girl (uncredited)
Trudi Forristal ....  Lizard Performer (uncredited)
Bryce Ingman ....  Man With White Elephant (uncredited)
Brian D. Kline ....  Medical Angel (uncredited)
Walt G. Ludwig ....  Mark Allen Race Official (uncredited)
Hunter S. Thompson ....  Other Duke in Matrix Flashback (uncredited)

Runtime: 118 min

Rated R for language and drug use

Directed by Terry Gilliam
Based on the book by Hunter S. Thompson.
Screenplay by -
        Terry Gilliam
        Tony Grisoni
        Tod Davies
        Alex Cox

Produced by
Harold Bronson ....  executive producer  
Patrick Cassavetti ....  producer  
Richard Foos ....  executive producer  
John Jergens ....  associate producer  
Laila Nabulsi ....  producer  
Stephen Nemeth ....  producer  
Elliot Lewis Rosenblatt ....  co-producer  
Original Music by
Ray Cooper    
Michael Kamen    
Jello Biafra   (song) (uncredited)  
Bob Dylan   (song) (uncredited)  
Klaus Flouride   (song) (uncredited)  
East Bay Ray   (song) (uncredited)  
Bruce Slesinger   (song) (uncredited)  
Non-Original Music by
Paul Anka   (song "She's a Lady")  
Mick Jagger   (song "Jumpin' Jack Flash")  

Scarsdale,New York
October, 2003

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